What is a Karatbar?
Pure 999.9 24K Gold Bullion 1-2.5-5 gram bars

What is a Karatbar? Karatbars are 24-carat Gold Bullion (999.9% currency grade gold) sold in small affordable increments. Karatbars are privately issued, and produced and minted by a private refinery exclusively for Karatbars.

Karatbars are the kind of gold that countries pay their debts with, so it is guaranteed the highest quality grade gold you can purchase. Karatbars is non-seizable under the current International Bullion Laws and U.S. Law.

Karatbars come with one gram of 24-k gold embedded in a heat-sealed plastic card the size of a credit card, and are assayed by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and certified 999.9 gold bullion. The credit card sized cards have various weights of solid gold embedded in them with a tamper proof seal which guarantees the weight and purity of gold. Karatbars will store your gold for free or ship them at a flat rate.

Karatbars are packaged and assembled under the strictest surveillance, and are unable to be counterfeited. The card itself is a globally recognized certificate guaranteeing that its contents are genuine.

Design Your Own Unique Branding Card.

With Canadian Gold Gifts and Karatbars, You can personally design the front and back card image to your preference. We recommend the usage of high resolution artwork. The back of each card on the lower right hand side should be reserved for the Karatbars logo. Use these cards for advertising, Customer loyalty, Customer acquisition, or simply something unique for your own pleasure. Nobody will forget this gift, or your business OR YOU again!