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The lime is the sacred tree of Slovenia. No village square or churchyard without lime tree under which formerly took place councils as well as festivals, among which the beatniks met with their mopeds, under which sat the old man is under the still located on beautiful evenings or holidays the center of village life. The heart-shaped linden leaf was for years the logo of the Slovenian tourism advertising. On the front is the heart-shaped linden leaf with flower depicted in green, in its center is our 1 gram gold bars, edged right it to you already known certificate. The back of the card is adorned with the lyrics of a Slovenian folk song. „Lipa zelenela je tam v disecem gaju, s cvetjem me posipala, d’jal sem da sem v raju. Veje raztezavala k nebu je visoko meni pa je do srca segala globoko.“

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