Karatbar Cosmetic Bundle

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Karatbars Refresher Tonic
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This bundle includes:

Refresher Tonic
Gold Eye Booster
Gold All Days
Masssage Soap

Refresher Tonic
A symphony of silk, caviar and rose awaits you in this refresher tonic. The scent and effects of the “Red Valley Rose“ are a major part of this refreshing tonic. The silk and caviar extracts sooth your skin, lift and tighten it gently.
200 ml
Main Ingredients:
“Red Valley Rose“ soothes und refreshes the skin
Silk extracts ensures a smooth streamlined skin feeling and leaves a neat skin relief Caviar Extract soothes and strengthens the skin
“Red Valley Rose“ is an integral ingredient in the Goldbad Cosmetic line. The Toner is great for ocular compresses

Gold Eye Booster
The Gold Eye Booster is a secret recipe against facial wrinkles and the first signs of skin ageing. Due to the pleasant gel-like and fat-free texture, it is easily applied around the sensibel eye area and quickly absorbed. After few applications, your skin feels saturated and it is apparently smooth.
30 ml
Main Ingredients:
Aloe Vera soothes, relaxes and refreshes the skin
Hyalirone retains moisture
Caviar strengthens and stimulates

All Day Support Cream
This rich cream is perfect to restore dry and tired skin. Delicate leaf gold makes the skin shine again. Wrinkles are reduced in a very short time thanks to the active ingredients “Syn-Coll“ and “Syn Ake“. The Gold All Day Support Cream stimulates collagen synthesis of skin and gives you a youthful appearance.
50 ml
Main Ingredients:
SYN-Coll stimulates the collagen synthesis of the skin, strengthens and consolidates visible after a very short time
Syn Ake relaxes the muscles and binds moisture
Gold heats the tissue, gives luminosity and helps holding all the ingredients faster and better

Massage Soap
The Massage Soap cleans, has a slight peeling effect and allows a gentle massage of the skin at the same time. Water retention and muscles stiffness are gently but effectively removed.
Massage your skin gently in a circular motion and enjoy the tender rose scent of the product. The Massage Soap is more than just a soap of 23 carats of gold. The soap rejuvenates your skin and leaves a golden shimmer.
115 g

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