Karatbars Gold Products
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Karatbars International specializes in 999.9% pure 24k gold in smaller, more affordable, transaction friendly weights of one gram and up. Great for Fundraisers, non-profits, organizations, celebrations, corporate events with custom branded cards, family gifts, rewards programs and churches.

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Classic Karatbars Design
In comparison to the Special Karatbars, these are the basic product with high-value
features; e.g. Karatbars logo minted into the gold, gold DNA feature, UV ink, hologram, and more security features.

Country Karatbars Design
Country-specific Karatbars. Gradually we will be producing additional country cards.

Corporate Branding Karatbars
Whether for business, corporate or private purposes, with Karatbars, you can now personalize your very own Karatbars for that special corporate event. Available from 1 gram to thousands of grams!

Special Karatbar
The perfect gift idea! Treat your friends and loved ones to a Karatbars with a special message.

Collector Karatbars
Various themed gold Karatbars are now available to collectors, fans, or simply as a gift for friends.

Karatbars Coin
A tax free gold coin! Exclusively by Karatbars.

3D Metal Karatbars
Aluminum Karatbars, made with the finest laser produced motifs. A gift for the toughest demands.

Karatbars are always certified for purity and weight and will always be accepted worldwide by banks, financial institutions, and merchants. Today, Karatbars are available in denomination weights of 1.0, 2.5 and 5.0 gram bullion. Each gold bullion is pure 999.9 24 karat fine gold containing a hologram for additional security purposes. The certification area on each Karatbars is globally recognized and guarantees its contents are genuine.