How does it work?
The best ecommerce Affiliate program available today!

Karatbars is an e-commerce company with an affiliate program. They are not a Multi-Level Marketing. In an MLM, you are required to purchase products. Karatbars does not require you to do this, but I highly recommend purchasing gold. This is the best way to preserve your wealth… Gold is the only asset that has proven the test of time (it’s inflation-proof and can never go bankrupt). Karatbars has no fees to join and they do not charge you website fees either.

The Affiliate Program is very generous and gives you two primary ways to earn money and free gold, The Uni-level Pay Plan (Direct Commissions off of Referrals), and a Dual System; if you are an affiliate with a package, then you are automatically enrolled in both.

In the Uni-level Pay Plan, you receive a direct commission earned with every person you sign up, depending on your package, rank, or volume.

Bronze package, you will receive 5% direct commission
Silver package, you will receive 10% direct commission
Gold package, you will receive 15 % direct commission
VIP package, you will receive 20 % direct commission

The dual system is a true dual system, and not a binary system. In a binary, at the end of the month you are paid on your weakest leg and the company keeps the profit from your power leg. Then you start all over the next month.

In a dual system, you are paid on both legs. Once one leg accumulates 50 units and the other leg accumulates 25 units, you cycle. Units are given for each item purchased by your referral, such as a package or Karatbars cards. For instance… if a referral on your left leg buys a Silver Package that is already 20 units. And if a referral on your right leg buys a Gold Package that is worth 50 units. So you would only need 5 more units on your left leg to get a cycle… so you can see that it is not very difficult to cycle regularly.

The package you are signed up at, will determine how much you earn.

Bronze package you will be paid 10 EURO per cycle
Silver package you will be paid 40 EURO per cycle
Gold package you will be paid 60 EURO per cycle
And with a VIP you will be paid 80 EURO per cycle

Some people cycle 6, 8, 10 times in one week… some people cycle that much in one day!

Every product that Karatbars offers has a unit value attached. A cycle is generated once you have 50 Units on one side and 25 Units on the other. Cycle pay outs are paid out EVERY Friday! All remaining units stay in place to qualify for the next week’s income.

Here is the beauty of it. At the end of the week (as we are paid weekly on the dual system), the units stay there until you accumulate enough units on your other leg to cycle again… and it pays you to infinity! So if someone 100 levels down from you purchases a package, you will still receive the units on that leg. No matter how large your organization grows, you will always maintain every unit earned in your organization. All you need is to refer a minimum of two partners and place one on the left and one on the right. The next step is to help them refer their two or more partners.