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We offer only the most sophisticated Gold Accumulation Programs that promise exceptional value. The demand for gold products has exploded and we’re here to meet this need.

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Classic 1 gram Karatbar

Classic 1 gram Karatbars

Classic 2.5 gram Karatbar

Classic 2.5 gram Karatbars

Classic 5 gram Karatbar

Classic 5 gram Karatbars

Baby Karatbar

New Baby Karatbars

Bobby Hull Karatbar

Bobby Hull Karatbars

Merry Christmas Karatbar

Merry Christmas Karatbars

America the Brave Karatbar

America the Brave Karatbars

Guy Lafleur Karatbar

Guy Lafleur Karatbars

How to Get Ahead by Buying and Selling Gold Karatbars to Individuals and Businesses…

4 Simple Steps to Begin Earning Free Gold.

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    ”Step 1?

    Register for a Free Karatbars Gold Savings Account (Click “Open your Free Account”).

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    ”Step 2?

    Select an Affiliate Package (Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP).

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    ”Step 3?

    Start Saving your Money by Creating a Private Gold Card Collection. Begin Selling Custom Gold Cards as Gifts.

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    ”Step 4?

    Find 2 people that like what you’re doing and want to do the same thing.

It pays to be part of the CGG Gold Team!

  • 3% discount on all gold purchases
  • Get paid every Friday
  • Paid via your Karatbars Pre-paid MasterCard
  • Highly liquid and easy to trade
  • Receive earnings down to infinite levels (Powerful)

With The Future In Mind. Not every gift needs to be publicly given. There’s an old saying, “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is yesterday.” By saving in gold now, even if you don’t have a certain “goal” in mind, you are making an commitment that will pay off as the price of gold rises in coming years. Just because you don’t have a specific purpose in mind shouldn’t deter you from the idea of saving in gold.

About Karatbars International

Karatbars International

Karatbars International GmbH was founded in 2011. It specializes in the sale of gold in the form of small bars and gift items.

The headquarters and logistics center of the company are located in Stuttgart, Germany. They are in charge of all support services such as marketing, customer service and processing of orders. Karatbars is the company that pays you to buy gold and refer others for generous commissions.

Karatbars International

How we see ourselves

Karatbars is a company which offers an attractive and affordable option for the consumer to purchase 999.9 pure gold bullion as well as our specialty lines of gold merchandising, collector & gift cards.
We are proud of the independence Karatbars offers the consumer to own, manage & control their personal Karatbars purchases.
Our goal is to provide the very best in customer service for our clients and provide a opportunity for everyone worldwide to own gold at an affordable price point.


How we behave towards our Customers

The trust of our clients is very important to us. We must earn our clients trust every day. We place ourselves in the position of the customer with the intent of acting swiftly with open communication and offer fair solutions when needed. We strive consistently to provide the utmost professional customer service and will always be critical of our performance in this area or lack of. Our customers should expect to be treated with respect and any concerns should be handled competently, quickly and fairly.


Get paid with the Karatbars Pre-paid MasterCard

Karatbars Mastercard

When you earn with Karatbars, your earnings will automatically be transferred to your Karatbars Pre-paid Debit MasterCard. Earnings are paid weekly and automatically transferred to your Mastercard every Friday.

When you’ve earned your first $45, you will automatically be issued a MasterCard, it will be mailed to the address you provided when you enrolled, so be on the lookout for an envelope from Karatbars!

The Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard is available in USD and EURO. As a prepaid MasterCard, the card can be used online, in-store and over the phone at over 32 million locations as well as to make withdrawals at over 1.5 million ATM’s across the globe, wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

“Are you Pumped up and Ready to Buy and Sell Gold? To get started, we need you to “Open a Gold Account”? ”

Karatbars Affiliate Package Levels

Upgrade packages at any time and only pay the difference. Purchasing a package is a one time cost.



5% Direct Commissions
(0) Grams of Gold
(2) 100 euro bonus cards
(2) 3% Gold Discount Bonus Cards
Weekly Payouts



10% Direct Commissions
(1) Grams of Gold
(3) 100 euro bonus cards
(3) 3% Gold Discount Bonus Cards
Weekly Payouts



15% Direct Commissions
(2) Grams of Gold
(7) 100 euro bonus cards
(5) 3% Gold Discount Bonus Cards
Weekly Payouts



20% Direct Commissions
(3) Grams of Gold
(20) 100 euro bonus cards
(10) 3% Gold Discount Bonus Cards
Weekly Payouts

“There is no other system like this out there. Buy or Sell the gift of gold in small quantities that everyone can afford”

Karatbars Frequently Asked Questions Canadian Gold Gifts

A. When comparing gold gram to gram, Karatbars is the best value. Most brokers ask you to buy at least 10, 25, 100 or 1000 grams at a time or let you buy a single gram but won’t ship until you’ve purchased a large quantity. There are typically hidden caveats that you won’t find out until you add the gold to your cart and get all the way through to the end of the transaction before they inform you of these additional requirements. Karatbars allows you to buy 1 gram or 1000 grams of gold and have it shipped immediately or store it for free in their vaults, it’s your choice.

Do other gold companies give you the opportunity to acquire free gold and make an income as well?

The first thing in comparing prices of ANY commodity is understanding that you must do an apples-to-apples comparison. For example, if you are going to buy a pint of milk you must compare the price with other single pints of milk.

What you DON’T do is find the best price for a GALLON of milk (which, for the sake of discussion, lets say is $4) and then divide $4 by 8 pints (which is 50 cents per pint), and then compare that price to buying a single pint. We all understand what it means to buy in bulk. As with any product, there is what is commonly called volume discounts. The reason bulk prices are less per ounce is very simple: there is more labor cost to produce several units verses one unit, but the flexibility of use benefits are significant with 1-gram gold over larger weights.

To get an accurate price comparison (not taking into consideration the MANY benefits that come with owning a flexible transaction-friendly 1-gram Karatbar), you cannot take the spot price for an ounce of gold and divide it by 31.1. (There are roughly 31.1 grams per troy ounce of gold.) And you cannot take a gram price and multiply it by 31.1. You must price Karatbars gold bullion by the gram against other similar-quality gold that’s sold by the gram to make an accurate comparison.

Remember: EARNING FREE GOLD is better than buying it at ANY discount!

A. Prices for everything are always fluctuating. The one thing we do know is that the value of the dollar has lost 98% of it’s purchasing power for the last 100 years. Gold on the other hand has been on the exact opposite track, when the dollar plunges gold spikes. With all of the fiat paper being printed from the Federal Reserve (which is neither Federal nor has any reserves) it’s creating run away inflation.

Let’s say you have a glass of 40 proof top-shelf scotch (this represents the highest quality) and you pour it into a bath tub of water. There is still a glass of scotch in the bath tub but now it’s been diluted, it’s not worth much, if anything at all. That’s what has happened to the dollar and just about all other currencies out there. Dollars are no longer backed by gold (although they once were). They are cranking out the printing press like mad men and it devalues your dollars. Have you got money in savings? Every day that passes those dollars can purchase less and less goods and services. When prices rise it’s called inflation. Gold preserves your purchasing power for a later date. So it doesn’t matter if the price of gold goes up or down in the long run. We’re not day traders, we’re not playing the stock market. But one thing is certain, the dollar will collapse, and when it does do you want to be holding devalued fiat paper dollars or real physical 999.9 gold recognized anywhere in the world?

A. Karatbars has been in business for 3+ years. Karatbars International is unique in the fact that the company is Debt-Free and Fully Funded, and Karatbars International controls every facet of the production and operation of its gold. This means they own their own gold mines, production, refinery and storage facilities.

Karatbars International is entirely independent. They mine the gold, they refine it, and distribute it… there are no middlemen!

I highly doubt Karatbars would close down, especially since they have over 150,000+ member worldwide and growing 400%/month just in the United States alone. But IF it ever did you wouldn’t really lose anything as cycle points are deposited every week to your pre-paid debit card.

Your gold is stored with a 3rd party security company and vault named ProSegur (it’s a huge security company, google them). Most people store a bit of gold, several grams (say 5 grams of gold) and then have it delivered to keep shipping costs to a minimum. But you always have the choice to have your gold immediately delivered via FedEx to your home or you can have it stored for free by ProSegur.

When you get to the point of free gold and a weekly income you are likely at the point where you’ve already gained back any amount you’ve paid to purchase your initial package. If you are doing the 12-week plan (as most people do) you will get paid back every dime of your initial package purchase price by the 7th week on all plans. That means after week 7 (if you are doing the Karatbars 12-week plan consistently and you’re team members are finding two people and everyone is buying just 1 gram of gold per week) you will have made your initial package price back and now you are in the game with nothing down. You can’t beat that.

Karatbars isn’t going anywhere, they are a game-changer. They are making a lot of money and they in turn are making thousands of people lots of money as well. Just keep in mind that any company could go bust at any time, including businesses you’ve purchased gift cards through. Except with Karatbars, you’ve got real gold, with other businesses you’ve got pills, tupperware and other junk that’s worth nothing. Gold is forever.

A. Free storage is available at ProSegur‘s vaults or you can have your gold delivered to your home via FedEx. Since storage is free many Karatbars members have ProSegur vault several grams and then have them ship them all at once to save on shipping costs.

All gold packaging by employees are recorded on video and all packages for delivery along with the actual card numbers are recorded. ProSegur has their own on-site insurance. They are recognized by the World Gold Council, one of the largest in the gold industry. Once your Karatbars gold leaves the company’s hands, they are double-insured by both Karatbars and ProSegur. They are shipped via FedEx. Large deliveries are done by G4S, the largest global armored delivery company in the world.

A. There are many ways to sell your Karatbars gold, sell to other members of your team, sell them to your prepper friends (best way) sell them at a K-Exchange location, eBay, Craigslist, Karatbars forums, Jewelry stores, Gold & Silver/Precious Metals dealers and not to mention Karatbars International will buy your gold at their current buy-back price. But also think of how many “We Buy Gold” stores are in your area? Have you seen how many signs have popped up in your city to buy gold? Harley Davidson ran a commercial last year telling people to bring in their scrap gold to use as a down payment for a Harley.

Since Karatbars is recognized all around the world and it’s gold is 999.9 LBMA stamped it takes the guesswork out of it’s value. But you shouldn’t buy Karatbars with a “day trading” mindset. You buy Karatbars to save! Protect your purchasing power. At some point the dollar will collapse and you will want gold in your possession, not worthless fiat paper dollars.

A. Karatbars does not report any Customer transactions under $10,000 to any government agency in any country. And Karatbars does NOT ask for a Social Security Number (SSN) or Social Insurance Number (SIN). Your identity is kept confidential for your account as long as you are NOT charged and convicted with money-laundering, involved in drug trafficking, or other international crimes under the U.S. Patriot Act.

All transactions are ledger-ed by username and account number. When verified by German authority auditors, you only need to verify your account number, deposit, and whether the deposit was transferred into physical gold and transferred to the vault or shipped to you, the Customer. Germany is possibly the toughest country in the European environment in which to do business.

Karatbars are private issue (produced by a private refinery and mint and exclusive to Karatbars) 999.9% 24-carat Gold Bullion and are not subject to seizure under the current International Bullion Laws and U.S. Law.

Gold coins that have been minted and issued from any government can be recalled to issuer (the government). All gold from Karatbars is privately issued and CANNOT be confiscated by any so-called authority.

Karatbars gold is Private Issue bullion, 999.9% Fine Gold, each Karatbar weighs in at 1.01 grams. Transactions are completed offshore, gold is vaulted offshore, and all transaction records belong to Karatbars.

You, as an Affiliate, are responsible to report any earnings to the local authorities (country, state, etc), (Terms & Conditions). Karatbars DOES NOT REPORT any Affiliate earnings to any government body.

Karatbars is an Offshore E-Commerce company with an Affiliate marketing program. Karatbars does not apply to the FTC (we are NOT an MLM) or the BBB (Domestic Rating Agency), all of which come under U.S. government jurisdiction, or to any other jurisdiction not held under the International Bullion Laws. Karatbars does not apply to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), since gold is not considered a financial instrument (paper). Karatbars does not give legal, tax, or investment advice and all Affiliates should not either.

Karatbars falls under the International Bullion Laws set forth by the World Trade Organization under the Harmonious Tax Code.

ANY and ALL gold purchases and gold coin purchases that are done in USA are RECORDED. The U.S. government knows exactly who has what. Most coins are PURE gold on the ALLOY Standard – 91.9% – because 24-carat is too soft. You do not actually OWN any government-issued coins; you are merely THE BEARER of the coins. Governments in financial duress can “recall” gold coins and only pay bearer FACE VALUE only. Ask yourself this: “Where do you think the U.S. government is going get the gold to restock THEIR shelves?”

Karatbars ingots weigh in at 1.01 grams (yes, more .01 grams more because Karatbars does not want to risk it’s LBMA certification by coming in under weight, so you get more gold), above the legal limit if a country tries to exercise a VAT Tax on 1-gram bars. We have a niche market of transaction-friendly weights which make it a viable form of payment and exchange, under ALL economic circumstances, in ALL countries.

Karatbars accounts are private and SECURE, more so than the FDIC, CDIC, or ANY gold sales in the USA or Canada.

A. No. Karatbars does NOT ask for a Social Security Number (SSN) or Social Insurance Number (SIN). Your identity is kept confidential for your account as long as you are NOT charged and convicted with money-laundering, involved in drug trafficking, or other international crimes under the U.S.

A. Yes, Karatbars gold is produced by an LBMA-certified (London Bullion Market Association) “good delivery” refinery (See Karatbars are good for “settlement of debt” worldwide. Do not take the LBMA-certification lightly: It takes 3 years of zero issues for a refinery to get LBMA-certified. Our Karatbars cannot be counterfeited, and are verifiable by obvious and instant inspection (hologram on back & serial number). Karatbars contain 1.01 grams of gold (slightly over a gram) to avoid any risk to losing their LBMA status.

A. Absolutely! No One Will Be Left Behind On The CGG Gold Team. We work as a team to reach our goals and ensure the success of everyone on our team. You will receive daily Karatbars team updates, tips, gold news, motivational stories and education. Our team is available every day of the week via phone, email or instant message. Upon registering you will be contacted by a team leader to answer any additional questions you may have and help you get started on your new journey.

We are one of the fastest growing teams in Karatbars. Remember, we don’t succeed unless you do! Nobody on our team will be left behind!

A. Yes we do. The following are schedules of Live, Daily Karatbars webinars:

2 Live Webinars Everyday
Daily – Live Webinar 12pm noon EST and 9pm EST (eastern time zone) (USA)
Call in to listen: (213) 416-1560 | Attendee Access Code: 542 635 231

Also, if you live in the Barrie, Ontario area we give live presentations and can meet you in person to assist you in building your team.

“I’ve never come across a better Gold Accumulation Program than this”

Get your Free Gold Account Now!

We offer only the most sophisticated Gold Accumulation Program that promises exceptional value. The demand for gold products has exploded and we’re here to meet this need.

Click on the button to open your free gold account or shoot an email to for any queries we can help answer before you do!