Purchasing Physical Gold
A NEW way to buy physical Gold!

Physical gold holdings should be a part of every diverse investment portfolio. Gold futures, stocks and exchange-traded funds are all worthy investment options, but none can match the security and asset protection that comes with investing in gold bullion.

Tangible, low-risk assets like physical gold holdings should form the basis of any investment portfolio. Financial analysts have long recommended a financial principle known as the investment pyramid. Stable investments like gold and cash assets form the bottom level of the pyramid, with riskier, speculative investments in smaller quantities at the top.

Although Canadian Gold Gifts does not advise people on how to manage their money, we recommend that you fortify your portfolio with currency and physical gold holdings before investing in more speculative gold assets like mining stocks and exchange-traded funds. In today’s tenuous global economy, a solid foundation is critical. For this reason, a financial professional manages every one of The Karatbars Affiliate accounts.

Gold bullion and coins are regarded as two of the premier stores of value. Throughout recorded history, the value of gold has proven to be impervious to social upheaval, wars and natural disasters. No matter what happens politically, socially or economically, gold will always preserve its value.

For centuries, investors have relied on gold during times of financial uncertainty. Owning gold bullion or coins is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your investment portfolio maintains its value for posterity.

With the price of gold at record levels, the cost of large gold bars can be prohibitive for smaller investors. A one-kilo gold bar today is worth nearly $800,000. Investing in large gold bars is generally the province of companies and central banks.

Bullion coins and small bars allow private investors to purchase small amounts of gold. Both assets come in a variety of weights and sizes, allowing you to purchase the amount of gold best suited to your financial goals.

An allocated account allows you to purchase gold coins and bullion from a gold brokerage. Specific gold coins are allocated to you and held in storage.